Short Report 2020-02-01

Written by Marc L. Veary on Saturday February 1, 2020

The new term was due to start 3rd of February. However, we have delayed this as the Constitutional Court is due to give its judgement concerning the presidential election of last year.  Depending on what is contained in the judgement, there may be some civil unrest.  We are ready and have stocked up with everything we need for a week or so. Part of this was to check over our Land Rover and make sure it is ready in case we need to get out in a hurry (drive across to Zambia or up to Tanzania). Anyhow, I have discovered that the Land Rover is seriously broken and won't be going anywhere fast! Esh... the roads here give vehicles a real beating (there are very few tarmac roads and they are often not in a good state of repair).

Well, this week we'll just hunker down and commit everything else to God in prayer. Please continue to pray for Malawi, the work here and us.

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